Jason TNT

Jason TNT

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Time of the Year!

I don't have anything new to report on the medical front (no news is good news!).  Next week should be more active as my chemotheray will resume on Tuesday.

So, let's talk about college football instead.  I love the start of college football season.  I love it even more when I get to watch opening night from my own couch instead of a hospital bed.  It will be fun to watch my Gators kick off the season on Saturday against the mighty Falcons of Bowling Green State University.  The last few years haven't been kind to the UF football program, but, despite what many experts are saying, I think we're in for a good season in 2012. 

Win or lose, it will be fun to watch.  Plus, it's now a lot easier for me to remember that football is just a game and not a matter of national security.  I'm pretty sure that the world will continue to spin on its axis whether or not the Gators win or lose each week.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Out of Hospital!

Most people like to end their summers with a stay at a nice beach resort.  This year, I broke tradition and opted for a stay at a luxurious hospital instead.  As much fun as it was to be constantly poked, prodded and awakened at all hours of the night, I'm happy to report that my hospital vacation ended last night after a 3-week visit.

As nice as it is to be home with my family and sleeping in my own bed, I still have a lot of medical "fun" ahead of me.  I'll continue to spend a lot of time at the hospital getting my blood tested, getting chemotherapy and continuing to beat back the cancer.

I'll continue to use the blog to keep folks up to speed on my progress. Thanks again to all those who stopped by the hospital, phoned, texted, sent cards, said prayers, delivered meals and otherwise helped me and my family.  While in the hospital, I had a lot of contemplation time and one thing that became clear is that it's much easier to attack a problem when you know there is a great support system behind you and your family.  We are truly blessed to have such great family and friends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Back!!!

When I last left you, I was finishing up my recovery from a stem cell transplant that I went through to treat the multiple myeloma that I was diagnosed with in May 2007.  The good news is that I got about a year of remission out of the transplant.

The bad news is that the remission is now over and I'm fighting the myeloma again.  As part of the fight, we're concentrating on two things: (1) we're using chemotherapy to treat the multiple myeloma (2) the effects of the chemotherapy are very damaging to my kidney (I was born with only one kidney), so we're closely monitoring the impact of the chemo on my kidney.

I'll use this blog to keep you posted on the progress of the two-pronged fight.  Currently, the fight is being launched from Florida Hospital in Orlando (near Princenton Street and I-4).  I expect to be in the hopsital for a few more weeks, but will keep you posted as things develop.  I've already been in 5 different rooms in the two weeks that I've been in the hospital, so I should have plenty of interesting things to report.

Until then, please make sure you enjoy your  family and friends...there is no better way to spend your time.  Thanks very much to the representatives of the Beairds, Terios, Hayes, Shavemakers, Riches, Duxburys, Wilkes, Coopers, Chans, Myers, Kruckemyers, Thomsons, Knights, Josephs, Williams, Flaskeys, Alfanos, Baratis (3 generations), Morriss-Websters, Tyndalls, Bramuchis, Morrisseys, and Desforges who have already been by to visit.  I'm sure I'm missing some folks...so my aplogies for doing so.