Jason TNT

Jason TNT

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Cycle Done

This week marked the last two chemo treatments of another cycle...the fourth cycle on my current treatment regimen.  I'm looking forward to my rest week this coming week.  After my consultation in Boston last week, it looks like we're going to try to another four cycles of basically the same chemo regimen.  We'll be using all the same drugs, we'll just be slightly tweaking the method and timing via which some of the drugs are delivered.  Keep your fingers crossed that all the numbers keep moving in the right direction.

In other news:

-  I'm not the only Beaird who spent time at Florida Hospital recently.  Shannon broke her second major bone...this time her humerus (upper arm) after falling from a parade float that was parked after a parade that she marched in with her brother and his Cub Scout troop.  She underwent surgery and had three pins placed in her arm.  See below for a post-surgery photo.  She'll wear a soft cast for 3 weeks and then will have the pins removed and will wear a hard cast for 2 more weeks.  She's only 7, but has now broken the biggest bone in her leg and the biggest bone in her arm...when she goes, she goes big!

-  I had a minor procedure done this past Thursday and had the same anesthesiologist that put Shannon under for her arm surgery.  Have we reached Medallion status at Florida Hospital yet?  When do those frequent flier miles start kicking in?  Can a brother get an upgrade?

-  Lady luck finally caught up with the Gators.  After winning the turnover battle all year, the Gators coughed up the ball 6 times and still only narrowly lost to the hated Georgia Bulldogs.  Jen made the trip up to Jacksonville and had a good time tailgating up the St. John's River with her brother and friends on her brother's boat.  Although the loss hurt, if you would have told me at the beginning of the season that we'd by 7-1 at this point, I'd have taken the money and run.

-  In better football news, Aaron's team won the championship in their flag football league.  Aaron played a great game at quarterback in the championship game and also made some outstanding plays on defense (not that I'm biased or anything).  It was a fun season with great coaches and a great group of teammates.

-  Looks like our friends to the North may get a little taste of a hurricane.  Hopefully Sandy is not too powerful when she makes landfall.  I hope all of my relatives in Massachusetts avoid any storm damage...maybe some good wind and rain will blow away memories of the season the Red Sox just had.

Until next time...thanks to all for your prayers and good wishes.  Be sure to enjoy time with your family and friends!


  1. Jason,
    Continuing to pray for you and your family. All the best to you and God Bless You!
    John Cautero

  2. Thinking of you Jason. Wish that you could have made the trip to Jacksonville. We had a great time even though the game outcome was not desirable. Take care!!

  3. Jason, it's Karen from Dr Sedwick's office. I tried to call you a few weeks back and I had not heard back from you......and now I know why. I stumbled across your blog while trying to find you. I hope you are feeling better. I will keep good thoughts for you and your family. PS I like the new puppy:) Take care of yourself. Regards Karen