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Jason TNT

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"One Year Ago" by guest blogger, Jamie Barati

A guest post from friend, Jamie Barati....

525,600.  That is the number of minutes  in a year (o.k., I admit, I'm a fan of the Broadway show  RENT, where that comes from).  But think about that  - 525,600 minutes.  That is a lot of time in what is one turn of the calendar. 

Whether you think about it as a year ago, or 12-months ago, or 365-days ago, or 525,600 minutes ago.....we gauge a lot of things by that turn of the calendar.  For some things, a year seems so long ago.  For other things, we remember what happened a year ago as if it happened yesterday. 

March 14 sure did get here fast, and this is a day that will stay with me and ring in my head for the rest of my life.  That is the day - that day that is now one year in the past - that I lost my friend Jason Beaird.   I can remember where I was - what  I was doing - who called me with the devastating news - the pain in my heart that I felt - the tears and emotion that came pouring out of me. 

While I still get a bit emotional thinking about that day even now.....time has allowed a bit of healing to occur.  I can still hear Jason whenever I hear the phrase, "Come on man!"  I am sorry that I could not give Jason grief about the FSU National Championship Football Season, as that  would have been fun.  I still get a huge smile on my face when I look at photos with Jason and our Delaney Park Little League teams that we coached TOGETHER......we had a pretty good little team that Spring of 2012 was so much fun to coach with Jason. 

Healing is important.  We won't ever forget Jason, but I believe that Jason would have wanted us to continue living our lives and live them to the fullest.  I believe that he would want us to still celebrate all those little achievements and big achievements....and to learn from those areas where maybe we didn't do so well.  But in any event...keep moving forward.  We won’t forget about Jason or his love of life and his fighting spirit.  Those are things that will allow us to keep moving forward. 

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