Jason TNT

Jason TNT

Friday, May 13, 2016

"In Honor of Friday the 13th…"  posted by Jennifer Beaird

Jason as "Jason"!
In honor of Friday the 13th today, I'm reposting one of Jason's previous blogs.  As you may recall, 5 years ago today - 5/13/11 was Jason's "New Birthday" - the day which he received his actual Stem Cell Transplant.  Jason wrote the blog below just prior to that date... 

Jason receiving his stem cells.
"I've caught some grief over my life because I share a name with Jason, the hockey-mask wearing killer of hormone-fueled teenagers.  The Friday the 13th movies were a highlight of my Cinemax-fueled young adulthood.  If you look at my treatment calendar at the right of the blog page, you'll see that my once-faint connection to this coed cadaver-maker is about to grow stronger.  In transplant talk, "Day 0" is the day that stem cells are inserted to begin the process of re-generating the immune system that has been wiped out by high-dose chemotherapy.  Day 0 is often called a patient's new birthday.  That means my new birthday is Friday May 13th.  I am now Jason, "born" on Friday the 13th.  I'll be adding a machete to my pool equipment in case I need to hack to bloody pieces any frolicking teenagers who have sneaked into my pool to skinny dip."     Jason Beaird 5/1/11

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