Jason TNT

Jason TNT

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 12 - Things Get "Hairy"

I'm now at Day 12 (look at the calendar on the right of the blog page…Day 0 was transplant day) and lots of things are in motion.

I was getting tired of leaving hair clumps as big as hamsters in the shower drain every day, so I had my hair buzzed off.  See photo below...my head appears to be shaped like a dented cantaloupe.  You know, the one that only the lady that lives alone with her 12 cats picks out of the produce section.  Also, doesn't my right ear seem to be higher than my left ear?  How does something like that slip through the evolutionary process?  I think we can all look forward to my hair growing back and covering my misshapen noggin.

In better news, all my numbers look good and I'm being discharged from the hospital today.  Hooray!  I'll still have to come back to the hospital a couple of times a day for treatment, but it will be much better to sleep each night in a home where nobody wakes you up at 4am for vital signs and they don't make you pee in a bottle every time you need to go.

Lastly, sweeps week just ended and apparently, in the entire 32806 zip code, no other blog about a guy named Jason who got a stem cell transplant is as widely read as my blog about a guy named Jason who got a stem cell transplant.  On the strength of these ratings, I've approached Red Lobster about sponsoring this blog.  As such, over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I'd like to remind everyone to enjoy Festival of Shrimp at Red Lobster where you can combine two of your favorite chef-inspired shrimp creations for only $11.99.  Tell 'em that Jason sent you.

Thanks again to all who have posted comments and thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. ...and starting Tuesday Red Lobster will be offering their new 4 Course $15 Feast...so maybe I can let the marketing team know their reach and frequency targets might be a bit rich? Glad to hear the levels (except ear levels) are looking good.

  2. Question...so do you still have to shave??? This could be the silver lining to the whole stem cell transplant/chemo thing??!! Seems that your appetite might be coming around too. Keep it up Iron Man!

  3. We are glad to hear things are back on the right path. As for Red Lobster do we need a promo code, or just Jason will do. We all think you look great in the GI haircut. The Army might still be looking for a few good men. Best to you and family. Love, AZ Browns

  4. YAY!!! So glad to hear things are getting on track!

    About the ears, I watched a show one time on symmetry (probably the Discovery channel, I'm a geek), and I remember it saying that most people have uneven ears. I noticed mine from wearing glasses. Can't help you with the demted cantalope though.....

    So, when is Red Lobster sponsoring a Lobster vs. Shrimp special? I have expensive taste.

    Mike says when I read these out loud to him he hears you talking (uh oh). He says you write just like you talk and he feels like you're right here with us. It's a gift.

    Please keep getting better and keep posting updates. Will keep up the prayers and positive energy on this end.

  5. Excellent news on the numbers thing and your bizzare sense of humor is intact!All is as it should be. I can see the ear situation, the dent in the head(the lady who lives alone with 12 cats is classic!! too funny);while you are at it has that nose been broken?? Look on the bright side; you don't have Nursey ears!!
    Good to hear you will be sleeping at home and peeing in a toilet(the things we take for granted)Very happy for you to be back with family.
    All the best, Rick

  6. Way to go Jason! Mr. Clean may also be a potential sponsor... but I think you need an earring. Hey, it'll disguise the freakishly high ear. A win-win :) And Chris says you can save literally thousands of dollars by not buying hair products and getting haircuts!

    Love to U and Jen,
    Laura and Chris

  7. Awesome News JB!! I know you are thrilled about going home and getting to sleep in your own bed!!

    I guess there is a reason God gave you hair with that melon...Ha....guess that's also why I don't have any....it all balances out in the end!!!

    Welcome to the dome club! Still think you should shave it down to make it nice and shiny!!

    Great update and keep them coming!!

  8. Great news Jason! Ha ha this just proves that all men are vain! Did you study your ears with a ruler?? It's fantastic that you are getting discharged, keep us posted. Oh and let me check whether we can fly in for the Red Lobster - sounds yummy. Do you think Obama would give us a lift?

  9. Hey, Watch it! I am an old lady who lives alone with one cat! Next time I pick out a cantaloupe, I will choose carefully! Great news on your numbers. Love, Aunt Kathy

  10. NOW I see the resemblance! :) Glad to hear you're back at the Browns'!