Jason TNT

Jason TNT

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 4 - GI Jason

I'm now at Day 4 (transplant was Day 0) and still feeling better than I thought I would.  The only negative has been some pretty heavy duty GI issues.  The doctors have given me some extra IV fluids over the last couple of days to make up for what I've lost and hopefully we get through this phase quickly.  My white blood cell count is now very low (as expected) and my body should start trying to get my counts back up in the next few days.  On Friday, I'll get a drug (Neupogen) that will help my body re-generate the cells that the chemo killed off. 

Some other random thoughts from over the last week or so:
  • I really missed not being there for Aaron's last 2 little league games of the season
  • It has been fun watching the Yankees lose 4 in a row to the Red Sox & Rays
  • I can't wait to eat some really good BBQ again
  • Chick Fil A sandwiches are awesome
  • Electric razors are a waste of time
  • Books are better than movies
  • I hople Glad "Press N' Seal" works better on food than it works on human skin
  • I have a better wife than I deserve (but everyone already knows this)
Thanks to all who have posted.  Jen and I have had fun reading through the posts.  It is nice to know that I have such good family & friends out there pulling for me.


  1. Utah Friend (bnagle)May 17, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    So glad to hear that you have been "reborn". I hear this alot from people in Utah...it's just not due to medical reasons!! It's great that you are doing well. I've been thinking about you and I'm glad that you are blogging so I can follow your progress. Keep getting better!! Brenda

  2. Thank you for the update. Been wondering. Not sure if it's TMI or not......
    There must be a story behind the "Press N' Seal", I can't wait to hear it.
    Praying your counts get back up quickly and that those cells regenerate like bunnies.
    Jen - the rest of us think you're awesome as well.

  3. Chick Fil A is a slice a heaven. If I may suggest the breakfast mini's - they are the best! Everytime we check the posting you make us laugh, you are amazing! As for JB, well that goes without saying. She is an incredible person :)

  4. It's great to hear you are continuing to do so well JB!!! Maybe all those years of GU's and the GI distress that they give everyone have prepared you for this treatment....

    I miss Chik Fil A....they have to be putting something extra in those sandwiches, they are so good!!! Have some for me!!

  5. Hey Jason, trying to keep up the great blogs.

    Movies are definitely better - no paper cuts when you fall asleep. Still trying to get back to eating Chik-fil-a though. Shaving in general is overrated.

    Have a great day and get ready for the oh so fun blood booster. It really isn't that bad, just a little thick.

  6. Jason, I enjoy your posts. The only thing that compares to the delight of seeing the Sox/Rays beat the Yankees is the Bulls beating the Heat!! Just too much joy for one week of sports.Feeling better than you thought is always a good thing and I'm happy for you.You are missed at DPLL.My only advice: read kids books. Keeps you young!! See you soon. Rick

  7. Jason,

    I had no idea what you and your family were going through until I spoke with Julie about a week ago. I could not believe it, I mean you just ran a freaking marathon not to long ago. I tried that once about 15 years ago and only made it 18 miles before I gave up. Under the circumstances, that accomplishment is even more impressive.

    Anyways, Hue Lien provided me with an e-mail containing the link to this blog, which I have to say is quite entertaining. I'm glad to see that you still have your sense of humor and that your keeping a positive attitude. Its a source of strength I know my brother has leaned on to help him through his own illness and I hope you continue to use it to. You have my prayers and if there is anything that me or my family can do for you, Jennifer or your family please do not hesitate to ask.

    Keep fighting, take care and I'll see you soon outside in the front yard playing with your kids where you belong.


  8. Love your random thoughts - we need to get you the kind of electric razor Walter has - he swears by it... and it shaves him to the Disney standard :)
    I have been trying to post to your every blog... but being without internet sucks! Panera and a laptop and 2 two year olds just doesn't work...
    and piggybacking only seems available at the wee hours like now :)
    but you are in our thoughts and prayers every day!
    Bettina, Waldozer, Queen Victoria, Princess Grace and Sir Grant

  9. I agree with you about the teams that beat the Yankees!! You and Jen are both awesome and are a great team as well! Love, Aunt Kathy

  10. So nice to read your funny posts, and get the info we REALLY want. ; ) You're a rock star. And Jen is your biggest groupie. Now for some fun to pass the time. (Your GI abbreviation threw me into my ADD mode....) Winner gets a free chik fila: Quickly. Six degrees of separation from "GI" to "Kevin Bacon". Hint....Demi Moore starred in GI Jane. GO!! : )

  11. Jason,

    Sorry this was the first time I have posted on your blog. I am glad to see that you have not lost your sense of humor. Please make sure you guys let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

    Take care, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.